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Research with pet owners shows they are willing to make changes and embrace preventive healthcare visits if they know it will benefit their pets. Unfortunately, research also shows that many pet owners do not completely understand the importance of preventive pet healthcare. For pet owners to find value in the recommendations of veterinary professionals and be motivated by their advice, there must be effective communication between the healthcare team and pet owners.

Please note: The scripts that have been provided are not intended to be memorized, but to use as idea guides to help everyone develop their "own words" to convey the important components of the key messages in the videos

How do you get started?

  1. Review the videos to stimulate ideas as to how you can best use them in your practice. For example, you may want to assign appropriate members of the practice team to view one video per week and then solicit their input on how to share the learnings from the videos with the entire team.
  2. After some or all of videos have been reviewed schedule a series of staff meetings to discuss the videos and review key elements of the scripts
  3. Consider role playing the communication scenarios outlined in the videos with members of the practice team. Having some fun with this by giving "prizes" to the best role plays can be a great way to break the ice for those that find role playing challenging. This is a surprisingly effective way to improve communication skills!
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Tools & Resources

Words That Work Videos & Scripts

  • Help their team have successful preventive healthcare conversation with clients
  • Review techniques recommended by experts to help communicate the value of preventive care to their clients
The Words That Work series takes a detailed look at how to have successful preventive healthcare conversations with clients. Individual videos cover specific topics, including history taking and relationship building, conveying value during a physical exam, and dental, heartworm and nutrition discussions. The supporting scripts can be downloaded and provide teams with a list of communication techniques that can be applied in everyday practice.

View the videos and scripts below


History & Relationship Building
Words That Work Video & Script

Discover the essential elements of the history taking process that will help practice team members develop an excellent veterinary-client relationship. Provides great tips that emphasize the importance of taking a thorough history by using active listening skills and demonstrating the genuine compassion for our patients that we have as veterinary care givers.


Physical Exam
Words That Work Video & Script

Predictably, most pet owners do not understand the complexity or importance of the physical exam. This video provides helpful advice on communicating to the client, the value and benefit for their pet, of the various components of the physical exam.


Words That Work Video & Script

Dealing with the tricky topic of pet obesity is always challenging but the communication techniques demonstrated in this video makes it much easier for everyone.


Words That Work Video & Script

Many times pet owners do not understand the importance of dental care. The communication techniques shared in this video will increase the likelihood that your important recommendations for dental care will be followed by your clients.
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Heartworm Prevention
Words That Work Video & Script

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet regarding the importance of heartworm prevention especially in some geographic areas of the country. This video will help the entire team acknowledge the concerns expressed by some pet owners but give team members the confidence to address the issues that can arise when discussing heartworm prevention.


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