My Dog is Sick

The dietary for sick dogs should be light, sustaining and digestible. Milk, eggs, beef tea, meat extracts, proprietary foods, and so on, all have their use.

As convalescence comes along, finely minced lean meat (not mince meat) will be acceptable. Boiled fish, if available, or tripe are useful changes, and a little cooked liver, besides being a great luxury, is a natural laxative.

It must be remembered that water is the natural drink for dogs. Milk must always be regarded as a food rather than as a thirst quencher, but it is of great value for invalids.

A healthy adult dog is generally better if fed on what is called a dry diet, such as raw meat, whole meal crusts baked hard, dog biscuits, cubes, etc. Household scraps, such as pieces of cooked meat mixed with vegetables and gravy makes a welcome change once or twice a week.

A day’s fasting once a week is a splendid thing for dogs confined a considerable time in their kennels and runs. Care must be taken that an ample supply of fresh water is available to them.

Never allow your dogs to eat stale food. The remains of each meal should be removed after a reasonable time has been given to your dog to eat his fill.

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