Wildlife and Pets: How to Avoid an Encounter

Undoubtedly, hiking is one of the most popular and favorite activities that can be enjoyed with pets. And, I know that even many of you feel the same way. Just like good pet care vet is important for your dogs or cats, similarly going out with them for hiking is also vital. Yes! This is out of the simple reason – it helps in improving the personal relationship and understanding with your pet. Moreover, boosts their mood and health for betterment. Yes! You read it right hiking with pets can have a number of positive effects on them. It is a great way to get rid of boredom. If your dog is just sleeping all day, hiking is the activity they need which can perk them up and run off pent up energy.

They will definitely have a spark in his eye when they get to know that they are going out with you by seeing you packing bags or preparing for a trip. Remember – hiking with your dog offers you a great chance to meet other people, and so does your dog. The things don’t end here; it is one of the ideal ways to bond with your pet. Well, hiking with your dog is just a fun thing to do at any point of the year. Agreed? It’s healthy and adds stimulation to your dog’s life as well as your own. It is a good workout that doesn’t make you feel like you had a heavy exercise session. In the addition to this, it boosts your mood and improves your health.

But but but! One thing you should keep in your mind that you may make an encounter with wildlifewhile hiking. Scared? Don’t be, you can eliminate such a tough situation by being extra careful. The ideal way to tackle such a problem is to know your dog in the best manner. How well does your pet respond to you when you call their name if they are excited? I, being a dog owner, can understand how difficult a situation can be when you are encountered by wildlife. I guess the ultimate solution to this issue is preparations. Right preparation Yes! You need to prepare things in advance to avoid a tough situation when you are out for a hiking with your dog. Simple!

Before you dig out some tips on what to do and what not to do when you encounter wildlife with your pets, let’s have a look at what situations you can come across. Prior to going through other aspects, there is one really really important part that you should not miss out – never ever feed wild animal. This is out of the simple reason – they become accustomed to hand-outs people, the chance they will feel very comfortable increase while making it a habit to get close. And, this is how a deadly cycle begins.

Now, the most important question have you ever encountered a coyote, bear, or an animal while hiking in the woods? Have you? If not you can find the answer over here. I remembered years ago, I spotted a coyote. I was scared and excited at the same time. While part of me wanted to get closer, the smart side kicked in and made me head back to my car. Let’s have a look at the behavioral characteristics of animals that you may come across on your adventures and thrilling trip.

Black Bears

Most of the dangerous, rather negative encounters (to make things less scary) are caused by luring bears with food or surprising them. They have an exceptional sense of smell – six to seven times more powerful than dogs – to detect odors over a mile away or long distances. You should avoid packing food that has a strong fragrant. You should never leave food items in vehicles or on decks. Furthermore, you should get familiar with techniques of hanging food out of bear’s reach.

Apart from being careful when it comes to preparing for an encounter with wildlife, it’s best idea to prevent an encounter in the first place. It is a sound decision to never let your pet outside the tent, unless and until have a secure area for them. Your dog should be on a leash, especially at night, to avoid unwanted and dangerous encounters with wildlife. Leaving them out alone can put them at a risk of injury or death; surely you don’t want such a situation to arise.

Important Tip: Make sure sleeping bags, tents, and clothes are free from lingering of food or its odors.

Bobcats and Coyotes

Frequently, aggressive behavior toward people by bobcats and coyotes is due to feeding done by humans. In case you are approached by a bobcat or a coyote, you should make a loud noise. Don’t run when you are encountered by bobcats and coyotes, as this may elicit a chase response. You should keep your dog on a leash.

Now, let’s have a look at various tips that can help you fight a situation where you and your dog are encountered by a wild animal. If you want to avoid it, the following tips can be really helpful. Try them!

  • Before going out for the trip, you must take your pet to an animal care veterinary hospital for a regular check-up.
  • Maintain focus on the animal while backing up or moving away.
  • Never put a bear bell on your dog’s collar with alert wildlife to your presence. It’s easy and simple!
  • Always keep a first aid kit and a cell phone with you. Really important!
  • Keep a close eye out for tracks, digs, and fresh scat, and other significant signs which indicate that animals are active near you.
  • Must have a bear spray, and make sure you have practiced it before the attack.

All these tips can be really helpful, if these are followed in the right way. Important! You should understand that you must be prepared to handle any tough situation, especially when it comes to facing an encounter with wildlife. Easy! Something that you shouldn’t forget is to visit a veterinary hospital to get wellness examines for pets as this will enable you to have a clear idea about their health. This can help you a lot on the trip as you need not worry about them. Being a little more careful than usual can surely help you have a great trip with your best companion, your pet.

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